Beating your post – vacation – blues

post vacation blues

bluesI’ve noticed that many of you currently suffer from post – vacation – blues.
It’s been all over the posts I’ve seen and messages I’ve received.
So I’ve decided to make it this week’s topic to help you out there ASAP.

As promised in my “About” I wanna show you what I call “Jet Streams for the good life”, ways to enhance the life apart from travels.

So if you’ve still got the blues and the sand in your shoes; and you’re not willing to accept the cold… here are my recipes.

Joyful anticipation

Once you return plan something to look forward to.
Choose the next weekend or any of the following days that works out stress free.
And it could be anything from a local concert, a night out with your girls or a dinner at your favorite Italian place.
If you wanna go solo, do a spa day, book a treatment at the salon or visit your favorite café with that new book.anticipating
It doesn’t need to be expensive.
Just pick something that is nearby and part of the life you’ve just returned to and actually liked before you left. Remember?


Rearrange your routine

This can be fun.
Let me know what you think of it.
Rearrange something in your place. It could be just that little stool with the palm tree on it or the little carpet in your hall way.
memoriesDespite your thoughts of having returned to the monotone, always the same kind of life, you’re still the master.
Continue to write your own story, you’re still holding the pen.
So stop complaining and keep things in motion.

Treasure the vacation memories

Appreciate the memories you’ve made.
Moving on and day dreaming don’t have to exclude each other. Please get lost in your day dreams. They can be a huge benefit when your batteries need refueling again.
Whether you consider framing your favorite photography, getting it printed on a canvas or decorating your bathroom with the shells from your favorite beach, just go for it.
Bring the good vibes back.

Start your day right

fresh startWhile you were gone the days have gotten darker.
You could think about finally purchasing one of these lamps that simulate a sunrise.

Take your time in the mornings after the vacation, it comes for free.
Start with a nice breakfast before you even think of worrying about work. You’ll get there soon enough, so take a last moment to relax.
Listen to your favorites tunes from those days in the sun. Find a Spotify list that revolves around road trips, surfing or whatever is still on your mind.
Or upgrade your shower or breakfast experience by streaming a local radio station from your lost paradise.

throwbackPlan a vacation throwback

After two or three weeks you could schedule a throwback to relive the moments.
Recreate the meal you loved most, when you were still in beach – hair – don’t – care – mode. Get that playlist on and start the slide show.
Spend a relaxed evening with your significant other or the adventure buddies or whoever you were travelling with. Relive those magical and funny moments, enjoy the insiders that no one else seems to understand.

Celebrate the new season

At first you might not like the idea that fall is starting.
But hey, it’s been a year since the last autumn magic.
Enjoy the beauty of the colorful leaves falling and light the candle you’ve saved for colder days.
Grab a pumpkin spice latte before you meet your friends at the theater.
Or stay at home all guilt-free with the new season of your favorite show, while corn pops gently in your kitchen.

planning vacationYour next vacation

And while you’re back in fluffy socks, running your next bath and enjoying a hand full of warm chestnuts there’s nothing wrong with dreaming of your next getaway.
Whether your finances allow it or not, the ride with Marty McFly comes for free.
Check out some early bird specials, find a blog or book about the next place on your mind to do some research.
Create a to – do – list with all the places, restaurants or insiders you wanna visit, like I did long before I visited Tel Aviv.

The next vacation will come for sure.
And meanwhile get your jet streams back on.

Treasure your life back home. I’m pretty sure it’s worth it!

Welcome home!



    • JS
      2017-10-04 / 7:05 PM

      Thanks for your feedback, Esther!
      I think you’re doing it the right way. If planning something new is an option, that’s perfect. Or even the daydreaming.
      Keep me updated on where u go next.
      Have a lovely evening,

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