Carry on – jet set essentials from your flight girl

Carry on

Cozy travelsCarry on, we all know we need it. It’s that magic little trolley or bag, full of life savers for your flight. But do you really know what to pack before hitting up the airport?

As a flight attendant I’ve really gotten better at this over the past years.
I know what people usually tend to miss on the plane and I also have my own preferences and hacks.
So ready along to find out all about my essentials.

Keep warm – carry on essentials for coziness

As planes don’t exactly tend to be saunas, bring something warm and cozy.
If you’ve seen my airport styles on instagram you know I don’t usually dress too warm. I personally don’t freeze too easily, but I always bring layers, like a cardigan or a thin sweater and some kind of scarf.

And you will certainly need a pair of warm, cozy socks.

If you’re also rather a heel type of person, you’re obviously not wearing any socks yet. So pack a warm pair and also some kind flats or sneakers.
Changing shoes? Yes!

Your feet tend to get bigger during flight (just like the rest of your body does) and so changing shoes are good if you need to use to restroom in the middle of the night.
You might also be happy to have them if the immigration post – flight seems to take forever.

Stay hydrated – carry on essentials for beauty

As the air tends to be dry take care of your hands, lips and face. I always carry lip balm, hand cream and some kind of face cream in my hand luggage.
Nice add ons are a cuticle balm and a water spray to refresh your face. Any kind of Eau Thermal will work. I personally liked the Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist or the rose water ones.

Remember to only pack travel sizes. I find it easy with these products as most of them tend to come in small bottles anyway.

Carry on - EntertainmentBefore I hit up the airport I also splash some oil in my hair- ends and use a rich foot cream. The prep is enough and you won’t need any of these products in your handy luggage.

If you wanna stay hydrated from the inside, bring an empty thermos jug and some tea bags. You can get hot water in the galleys. This way you can improve your drinking routine during the night.

Have fun – carry on essentials for your entertainment

I usually bring my own headphones. First of all they cancel more noise (especially than the ones in economy class) and second of all you can still watch your movie, when the bord headphones are being recollected before landing.

Besides movies think of what you would like to do during the flight?
Will you need playing cards, a journal or a camera?

Probably you still wanna be able to use your phone after landing, so bring your charger.

Unless you have a clutch that charges your phone.

Carry on - RelaxYes, there is such thing! Read more here:
If not, at least the airplane mode will keep your phone charged longer.

I always bring a book along, as feel like I can relax way better at 35,000 feet. Maybe it’s the lack of phone reception, I certainly love it. Sometimes you can even download magazines for free these days. I know with Lufthansa you can.

Stay healthy – carry on essentials for a good rest

If you’re flying business class, you usually find these items in your amenity kit. Otherwise bring your own sleep mask as well as earplugs and a tooth brush.
Changing time zones isn’t too healthy so try to get some rest. Your body reacts differently to alcohol once you’re up in the air.
So have your glass of that rosé, then stick with water, tomato juice or green tea.

If you’re vegan or vegetarian or you have any allergies, remember to order a special meal. Usually it’s something you can do for free with the booking. Bringing a few snacks, never hurts though.

Sleeping on the plane doesn’t come easy to most of us, but an inflatable pillow can help.
If you have a cold remember that your nose and ears are connected. So if you really have to fly at least use nose spray to protect your eardrum.
Do it at least around 40 minutes before landing to avoid or at least lower any ear pain.

Leave in style – carry on essentials for pros

Freshen up before landing. Girls, you can skip that new layer of mascara.

Usually a little blush or bronzer and some lipstick will do it.
Gentlemen, a travel size of hair gel will tame that werewolf, trust me there!

Now when packing remember where you will get off. What kind of clothing will you need? Once again, try to think in layers, so you can travel relaxed without packing a whole nother outfit.

Will it be hot? Then bring some sunlotion and your sunglasses. Remember any maps or fully charged phone when you’re about to rent a car. A credit card ususally helps but sometimes it’s nice to have a little cash in the country’s currency.

Remember taking everything with you. Yes, I’ve even seen people forgetting one of their kids.
And honestly, don’t stress about it.
Usually there’s nothing you can’t live without for 10 hours.

And now you can hopefully start your vacations the way you deserve it – relaxed, healthy and beautiful 🙂




  1. Thomas
    2018-08-09 / 8:29 PM

    Thank you for the advice! I have not been on a plane for a while, but now i feel as if i am leaving for a holiday tomorrow 🙂

    Great blog, i am looking forward for the next posts!

  2. Susann Zimmer
    2019-03-06 / 7:31 PM

    Sehr gute und sinnvolle Tipps für die nächsten Flüge und Kleinigkeiten die das Leben an Bord bestimmt einfacher machen …. schön geschrieben 🙂

  3. Susann Zimmer
    2019-03-06 / 7:34 PM

    Sehr gute Ideen und Tipps für die nächsten Flüge und sinnvolle Kleinigkeiten die das Leben an Bord bestimmt einfacher machen …. schön geschrieben 🙂

    • JS
      2019-03-06 / 8:46 PM

      Vielen lieben Dank, Susann. Ich freue mich sehr, dass es sich gut liest. Hoffe dass es dir mit dieser Liste auf deinem nächsten Flug in den Urlaub an nichts mangeln wird.
      Ganz liebe Grüße!

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