How to find the perfect gift

finding the perfect gift

finding giftsFrom the moment I launched my blog, I’ve been planning to write about finding a gift. This topic concerns everyone from time to time. And even though December seems to be the perfect timing to do so, I will write a timeless guide for you. Not a shopping list, but questions you can ask yourself to understand you loved ones better.

Therefore you can use this all year long, for any occasion and any person.
So grab a pen and get ready for a little brainstorm.

When picking a gift think personal

So let’s start with this:
I personally think that clothing, interior items and perfume are very personal things that you rather wanna pick yourself. Unless someone knows you very well and manages to suite your taste. Then it actually really rocks.

If you wanna take the challenge, ask yourself the following questions:
What’s the color they like to wear or that they love for their home?
Note: The favorite color is not always automatically the one you like to wear on your body.

think personalWhat are the fabrics they like?
Are they cashmere and wood, silk and steel, cotton and plastic, silver or gold? Do they like patterns and if yes small or big ones?

Try to really capture their style. Do they prefer practical or elegant? Do they mainly want clothing to be feminine or comfortable?
Usually we want it all, but we put focus on some features more than others.
Note to the men: If you have a few pics of your girlfriend on your phone, it’s easier for a salesperson to help you find the right style.

Now think further: What are their initials?
Where could you go wrong:
Are they really into the silly shirt or rather just the funny tea infuser?
What are your insiders or memories together?

Really think of your lucky one’s needs

Now go one step further and think of their needs. Imagine their typical day and what it requires. Whether it’s their daily challenge to look professional or to be flexible despite the rainy weather, consider that.

Have there been any recent changes in their lives?
Which impact could they have made?

wellness giftSometimes the new mom would be more happy about a little “me – time” than another set of bibs. So think of a little wellness time, like a massage or pedicure.

Sure your grandmother loves that framed picture of you, but another thing you can give her is time spend together.
And even though you think your boyfriend needs a new cashmere sweater. He might not agree and rather want a tracking system for his luggage.
Note to the ladies: Men don’t usually find practical stuff unromantic. Even if they give a flashlight to you it can mean that they want you to be safe. So give them some credit, it’s probably not a thoughtless gift.

Who is the person behind the gift?

And now that is one of my main resolutions. The problem is that we have a certain picture of a person, what they are like, what they need and so on.
The big question is: Would they agree?
So the main question here is:

dreamsWho do THEY think they are?

If you really want to make someone happy try to understand how they see themselves.
What did he dream of as a little boy?
What did he wanna become?

What are their secret hobbies or talents they never really put enough time in? Maybe it was due to a lack of money, time or motivation. But if you actually help someone to grow, that’s probably the best gift you can give anyone.

So think of wishes they told you about, classes they took in high school, talents you’ve noticed along the way. Try to understand what fascinates them, whether it’s the country you don’t associate them with, a style, an era or even a language.

Help them to become the person they wanna be.

Plan your gift ahead

If you hear your beloved one talk about something or take a closer look, take notes.

Listen to what they tell you.

Just save a list of ideas in the notes your phone. I’ve written down clothing and shoe sizes as well as preferred colors before.
Personal giftsSo that when I was travelling and saw something I would know them.

If you’re considering a handmade gift, collect things along the way you could use. Like for example if you are planning to make something with sand, use the sand from your favorite beach. So take home a glass in advance.

Write down funny quotes and insiders for a photo book, so it will bring even more joy.

Look out for personalized products. Nutella, Kinderschokolade, M&Ms, Coca Cola, Balea and so on have had them. A chocolate with a pic from your childhood or a shower gel with a shared memory can always make a little and yet personal fun gift on the side.

A good gift is not about the money

Don’t let this thought discourage you.

If you have a smaller budget check any kind of outlet or sale. This way you can find a better quality for the same money.
Think of platforms like groupon to find activities, massages or any deals around your city for a great price. On pages like you can find great personalized gifts for a better price and support new designers by doing so.

And if you can can’t get over the expensive gift you’ve seen, just gather a few friends or family member and have them join you.

time togetherEither way, in the end it’s about the thought and love you put in a gift and I’m sure your lucky one with acknowlege your effort.

If you still don’t know which gift to get

You can always ask.
Honesty is never a bad idea.
Tell them you’ve really thought about it and yet, you arent’t sure.

Or just think of something that includes time spent together.
That’s always a great thing to do.
Just make sure the occasion is rather what they want than your own wish. Dragging him to the Ed Sheeran concert you want to see so badly, nay.

I think you might have an idea right now.
Feel free to let me know what you thought of this guide and whether it’s helped you.
Or add whatever has helped you in the past.

Enjoy the christmas season!






  1. 2017-12-20 / 7:35 PM

    Awesome thoughtful ideas before you buy gift. I usually have a running list through out the year for people what to get them. When I see them excited for something I know thats what they are getting for christmas. I do gift clothes, shoes, jewelery and perfumes but only to my sisters.

    • JS
      2018-01-03 / 2:31 PM

      So I’m not the only one running a list throughout the year 🙂
      It’s never too early to start.
      Thanks for stopping by with your feedback, Manisha. Have a lovely day.

  2. 2017-12-23 / 9:16 PM

    These are such good ideas how to make the perfect gift. Thank you for the useful tips.
    I am looking forward to apply your tips into reality. I always put so much effort to make a good gift.

    I wish you a good weekend.
    Lots of love, Gohar

    • JS
      2018-01-03 / 2:33 PM

      I can imagine that you always put lots of thought in it.
      You just seem like that kind of person 🙂
      So happy to like my ideas, Gohar.

  3. 2018-01-08 / 4:26 PM

    Super Tipps! Ich mache es, wie eine meiner Vorrednerinnen: schreibe schon das ganze Jahr sämtliche Sachen mit, die mein Freund beispielsweise erwähnt 😀
    Aber auch die anderen Tipps finde ich super, insbesondere Dawanda. Da mag ich auch das englische “Pendant” Etsy 🙂

    Liebe Grüße

    • JS
      2018-01-08 / 5:43 PM

      Danke für deinen Kommentar, Laura.
      Ich freue mich über den Austausch mit allen, die hier gerne stöbern.
      Lustig, dass du etsy erwähnst. Es war mir zwar schon lange ein Begriff, aber jetzt habe ich auch vor kurzem zum ersten Mal Gebrauch von gemacht.
      Dir einen schönen Abend und alles Liebe,

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