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liebster award bannerAbout Liebster Award

The Liebster Award has been around since 2011. It’s an internet award that you pass on the other new bloggers who’s reads you enjoy. As a result the readers as well as the nominees get to discover new blogs.
Importantly you have to accept before you know which interview questions you will receive. Nevertheless I agreed.

Sabrina nominated me, as she enjoyed reading my blog. I checked out her page to find her Cape Town post, which is the place I had just returned from. Besides her travels she also likes to blog about fashion.
Here’s the interview I received. So today you can find out more about me.

1. What excites you most about life?

What’s the most fascinating to me is how all things connect. How meeting someone can change your whole life. I’m a big believer in timing and that being in the right place at the right time matters. You can read more about my philosophy here:

And if you believe that everything happens for a reason, you won’t know until later what it was good for. In fact if I look at my life now I wouldn’t have guessed much of if three years ago. It’s like a movie, you don’t know how it all connects until you’ve watched it to the end. And only god knows.

2. What’s your favorite meal and do you like to prepare it yourself or do you prefer to eat out?

food loverWhen it comes to food I love to have variety and I couldn’t pick one favourite meal in a million years.
I love to cook and like to make a nice Thai curry, bake a christmassy cake or prepare a breakfast treat. See my lifestyle section for recipes like this

But as a flight attendant I also love to eat out and indulge around the world. Moussaka in Greece, count me in. A Delhi flight, chicken tikka masala here I come. I can’t say no to delicious burgers in the US or a steak in South Africa neither. Same with Italian food, and if you read my Tel Aviv post you know how much I love their breakfast places. To me food means quality of life.


3. How do you relax?

In a layover I like to be near the ocean. When I’m in Frankfurt I like to watch a good series or relax with a book. If it rains I don’t get upset. In fact I enjoy it even more to get cozy inside or go to the theater.

relaxingAnd I’m always up for a good conversation with my family and friends, whether it’s on the phone or while having coffee. Singing and drawing can be relaxing as long as I’m doing it for fun.

4. What drives you nuts?

Grocery shopping on a saturday when the city is crowded really challenges my patience. Turns out I’m not the only one. Cory Bortnicker, a writer and producer in New York once came up with the idea of a so-called “Pedestrian Penalty Card” and they discussed a fast lane as well. Luckily I can usually run my errands on a week day.

5. What’s the thing/item you can’t live without?

I’d say my phone as I love to be organized.
Like for most of us it’s my calendar, my notes, my camera and so much more.
And in addition I still own a home phone which I guess is rather rare these days.

abifahrt6. What was the funniest moment in your life?

That’s hard to say. I think in a family with several kids there’s always funny episodes everyone remembers. In addition I experienced one with my friends on our graduation trip to Greece.

We were gonna join a room party from one of our class mates. But when we got on the elevator we realised that non of us knew which room or even floor it was on.

So we just kept asking random strangers for the location of the party and stopped on pretty much every floor. They must have thought we were nuts. And maybe it’s just funny if you were there in that very moment.

But it’s just one of these memories that we still laugh about.

adventskalender7. Which characteristic makes you special?

Probably that would be my artsy approach to things. I like to come up with creative ideas like a sketch on a birthday card, write some lines or tend to improvise solutions when it’s necessary. In the picture you can see an advent calendar that I made.

8. What makes blogging your favorite hobby and how much time do you spend on it a week?

Well, first if all blogging isn’t my favorite hobby. And that’s a good thing. Because otherwise I would have to blog about blogging 😉 Like an author who was mainly concerned with the idea of books.

Yet I do love writing my blog and had thought of it for a long time before I actually launched it. The idea was to have an outlet for the travels I get to do thanks to my job. And I wanted others to be able to read about the impressions and places, to take them on my journey.

bloggingI also enjoy the blog as a platform to get social and share ideas. Like something I’ve created or adapted, that I think will bring joy to others.

How much time I spend on it differs. But it’s more than you’d think.
I never publish anything unless I’m really convinced that you guys will actually enjoy reading it. I value time so much. So I would feel bad to waste the time of a reader.

Which decision do you regret most in your life?

This brings me back to the first question.
I‘m not saying I always decided perfectly but luckily there is nothing I truly regret.

Looking back makes me thankful. For example for a time at a job where I made some really great friends.

mottoI am a big believer in the butterfly effect. So I think that the present that I love so much is a result of everything that has happened so far.

Which concrete goals do you have for 2018?

I was surprised when I read the question as I’m not the type for New Year’s resolutions.
But I tend to reflect a lot and question my decisions, whether they revolve around my private life, my work or my blog.

As a blogger I have the goal to create good content and stay authentic. And as a person I want to be honest and loyal, as these are qualities I also appreciate in others.

My nominees are:

Esther by Lifestyle Tale
Bettina by Mrs Dailylife
Uli by Olivia flying high
Eden by Edens stories
Jenny by Pink Pebbi

My questions for you:

1. If you could relive one day in your life, which one would it be?
2. Would you rather explore the deep ocean or the outer space?
3. What makes a good blog to you?
4. Do you believe in the real thing and/or love at first sight?
5. What’s your greatest weakness?
6. If you could travel in time, where would you go?
7. Which song will you love all your life time?
8. Which place impressed you more than you would have guessed?
9. Which person (dead or alive) would you like to have dinner with?
10. What do you believe in?

Dear nominees. I highly recommend
to find out about the official rules for the Liebster Award.
The blog post also includes images and questions for you challenge.

And to all of you lovely readers:

This was different from what I usually write. Yet, I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to leave any questions of thought below.


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