Neighbourgoods market – saturdays in the Old Biscuit Mill


neighbourgoods marketHello loves and welcome back to a post about the Neighbourgoods market.
This is another one in my Cape Town series and I’ve been really looking forward to writing this.
If you go to Cape Town, you NEED to visit the market.

In fact it’s just another of many, many reasons to plan this trip.

About Neighbourgoods market

Founded in 2006, the Neighbourgoods Market takes place every Saturday from 9am until 2pm.
You’ll find it on the compound of the Old Biscuit Mill, right in the heart of Woodstock.

It’s a place to have breakfast or lunch, to stroll or to do people watching. Over 100 specialty traders will offer their products.
Justin Rhodes and Cameron Munro intended to revive the community market as a civic institution and they succeeded.

You will run into designers, local farmers, musicians and just any kind of artists, and they all have one thing in common.

They are talented at what they do.

neighbourgoods market viewThe people

So with this diversity you can imagine that the place attracts many visitors. But it’s not the typical touristy spot as many locals come to enjoy the place.

Fashion lovers like the high quality of the local designs. Tourists are delighted by the variety of souvenirs.
You’ll spot hipsters having their picnic outside in the sun, before finding an artisan interior piece at Abode.

Some locals come in to get their vegetables, handmade soaps or flowers. Foodies stop by with friends for a gin tasting or some fresh oysters.
Meanwhile a bunch of music fans and families will sit outside under the tarps and listen to some local live sounds.

It’s a place for everyone and I cannot recommend it enough.


Neighbourgoods market favourites

The moment you enter the place, you will wish you could just get everything.
I literally felt this way. Therefore I’ll leave you with some of my favorites.

One of the places I really like is Salad Lover. I love their Shakshukka, something you might remember from my Tel Aviv blog post. Fall in love with Tel Aviv Part I
This whole big pan there in the front was already promised to a whole bunch of people when I got there. But waiting for the second pan to get my portion was worth the wait.

Wendy’s juice bar is another great pick, whether you want a smoothie with acai or a pure pomegranate juice.

And has a cardboard ever served a better purpose than to carry delicious food? Look at this cheese and salad by Bunga Bunga.

bunga bunga
Bunga Bunga

Don’t be fooled by the raw way that some meals are being served. The easiest looking sandwich will make you feel like you’re in heaven.

There’s also a great argentine place in the back, and you’ll be passing samosas, frozen yoghurt, a huge pan of paella, thai food, sushi, dried meats and mushrooms.

Don’t miss

Whatever you settle for, afterwards you might wanna get a coffee. I love Ollie’s.
The coffee bar serves a great blend and is located right under the tarp outside, which is the perfect spot to listen to the live music.

On the mural next to the entrance of the market you find a Kelsey Montague painting. A picture in front of the huge angel wings will make a nice memory.

salad lover
Salad Lover

Talking of memories… if you’re still looking for a souvenir, make sure to stop by O’live.
Not only will their soap leave a nice scent in your lingerie drawer. If you choose a peeling one like the oatmeal lavender you’ll get soft skin. And it doesn’t contain anything unnatural, like the plastic pieces that often end up in the ocean.

And this is to be said about Neighbourgoods market in general.
Their criteria on picking the vendors are not only the quality of the product and an attractive presentation.
The also expect responsible practice so your shopping will be guilt-free.

Nice to know

I would recommend arriving early to the market. Even though it’s open until 2pm, it gets quite crowded towards the end.

This is also the case in the matter of parking, so you could consider a cab or uber.

While the Neighbourgoods market only takes place on Saturdays, you can visit the Old Biscuit Mill itself on six days a week, as it only closes on Sundays.

the old biscuit millIt’s like an own little village with places like Redemption Burgers, the above mentioned Abode store and Cocoafair, which I would describe as heaven if I was talking to a chocolate lover.

And whether you’d prefer chocolate, gin or cheese for a food tasting, come in for the Wicked Wednesday. The Old Biscuit Mill has been hosting the event with special sales and free entrance since June.
And just like on the Neighbourgoods Market you get to enjoy live music.

I hope you’re in the mood for Cape Town by now, if you weren’t already up for it. Stay connected.

I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts and your own recommendations. And if anyone knows the name of the argentine place, please let me know. Thanks!

Love, JS





  1. 2017-12-03 / 5:19 PM

    The Beautiful post looks like a fantastic world market in one place. Thanks for sharing your experience. Will keep this saved in my travel inspiration folder :).

    • JS
      2017-12-09 / 3:41 PM

      Thank you Manisha for connecting here with me. It’s such great joy to know that my content was added to your inspiration folder. Let me know when the inspiration becomes an experience someday 🙂


  2. 2018-01-08 / 4:07 PM

    Liebe Jasmin,

    sehr cooler Beitrag! Ich liebe Märkte über alles, war in Cape Town aber leider nur auf einem Street Food- und Kunst-Markt an der Waterfront. Für meine nächste Reise ist dieser Markt definitiv notiert. Klingt wirklich super 🙂

    Liebe Grüße

    • JS
      2018-01-08 / 4:27 PM

      Hey Laura,

      das freut mich, dass mal wieder ein Cape Town Liebhaber auf meiner Seite gelandet ist 🙂 Und ich wette du wirst den Neighbourgoodsmarket lieben.
      Und Recht hast du, die Waterfront ist natürlich auch toll.
      Schreibe auch künftig noch ein paar Beiträge über Kapstadt, also schau doch gerne mal wieder rein.

      Alles Liebe,

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