Paragliding in Cape Town

Paragliding Cape Town

Up in the airFor the longest time paragliding had rather been on my „Don’t dare to”  than my „To do“- List.

Overcoming the fear of paragliding

And it all came up pretty spontaneously during our last trip to Cape Town in October.
When my boyfriend suggested it, I didn’t feel too sure about it at first. But on the other hand it seemed really tempting to me.

I’m not afraid of heights but the idea of having to run towards a precipice didn’t seem to inviting.
You need to retrain your instinct here, which actually worked out great for me.

Place to be

I haven’t kept my Cape Town love a secret.
View off Lion's HeadBut I have to tell you once more that it’s also the place to be when it comes to paragliding.
The spectacular scenery of Table Mountain, the ocean and the Cape Town area will make this whole experience really special for you.
In Cape Town itself you will usually start off Signal Hill or Lion’s Head, but you can also do other places such as Franschoek and Hermanus.

Cape Town Tandem Paragliding

We signed up with Cape Town Tandem Paragliding and it turned out to be a great choice.

In the morning, when we had coffee at “Yours Truly” we received a message about a weather change. That meant instead of Signal Hill we would fly from Lion’s Head.
That was the steeper option so I got a little nervous.

But shortly after that we met our pilots, Frikkie and Carolina, and you could just tell that they were professionals. By that time they had been doing the job for 15 and 30 years.
Cape Town Tandem ParaglidingWe hiked up Lion’s Head for about 15 minutes until we got to the ramp.

That’s where we got our helmets and equipment. Frikkie arranged a Go Pro.
We were buckled up and secured and received a short briefing.
And off we went.

Like a bird

The moment of running towards the precipice was over before I even knew it.

And so we were flying, up in the air, floating in endless shades of blue.
I felt safe and most of all I felt free.
Hovering in the fresh breeze I thought that this must be the closest you can get to feeling like a bird.

There I was flying, without a care in the world and the fresh ocean breeze caressing me.

FlyingI looked down on the waves, the white and blue, and hoped I could linger a little longer. I saw the greens of the Cape Town area and fell in love all over again with the beautiful Mother City.

I saw my boyfriend gliding nearby, as Carolina was doing a few stunts.
As a fan of every kind of rollercoaster fun, I was happy that Frikkie was up for it, too.

There on the ground I saw the lawn, where we were supposed to land.
A little instruction and we were already going down, landing back safe and sound on our feet.

Nice to know about paragliding

The costs for a flight are at R1,300 (currently around 87,50€/105USD) and the video and photos are R300, which is around 20,00€/24,00USD.
And I’d say it’s totally worth it.

flying highIf you might do it only once in your lifetime you should definitely get the pictures. For the hike up make sure to bring water and to use sunscreen.
The company we chose was so kind to drop us off at our car, up were we had first met them.

It’s the best to wear comfortable and closed lace up shoes.
And depending on the weather you might wanna choose long pants and a windbreaker.
I wore none of this as you can see in the pictures, but I tend to freeze very rarely.

And most of all HAVE FUN.

Thanks to Cape Town Tandem Paragliding for this unique and mind- blowing experience. You guys rock!




    • JS
      2018-05-16 / 4:05 PM

      Liebe Katy,
      danke für deine Rückmeldung. Versuch es zumindest einmal im Leben zu machen. Es ist unbeschreiblich 🙂
      Genieß den sonnigen Tag,

  1. Cedric
    2018-07-03 / 7:26 PM

    Echt tolle Bilder! Beim Lesen wurde ich ganz neidisch, muss bestimmt ein wahnsinns Gefühl und ein mega Ausblick sein! Würde ich auch sehr gerne mal machen 🙂
    Liebe Grüße

    • JS
      2018-07-03 / 9:58 PM

      Danke Cedric,
      freut mich zu hören, dass dir der Artikel gefällt. Und umso cooler, wenn du es irgendwann mal ausprobieren kannst.
      Dann musst du auf jeden Fall mal hören lassen, wie es war!

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