Cruising in style – Queen Mary 2

queen mary 2

The Queen Mary 2 has probably ruined me for a life time.
In April I went on my first cruise and it couldn’t have been any better. I’m gonna give you an insight on what to expect in this kingdom offshore.

key card queen mary 2First Facts about Queen Mary 2

The british luxury cruise ship belongs to Cunard, which has been around for over a century and a half. They are known for the famous and renowned “White Star Service”. We all remember it from Titanic, one of the ships that belonged to the White Star Line, back in the days.
Entering the ship feels just like a scene from the famous movie, as white-gloved officers and crew welcome you in the impressive lobby. You’ll walk over red carpets and under sparkling chandeliers, passing the Grand Lobby Bell on the way to your cabin.

Accommodationqueen mary 2 cabin

The luxury cruise liner is very spacious, as there are only around 1.300 cabins. Whereas other cruise ships of a comparable size tend to have up to 3.000 cabins. Among These cabins you can choose from ten categories.

We stayed in a Britannia Stateroom with a balcony.It includes room service at any time, so if you are craving a Club Sandwich at 03:00 am, you can go for it!
The beds are so comfortable that there is a high enquiry for these mattresses outside the ship. And due to the turn down service you’ll find a piece of chocolate on your soft pillow every night.

Talking of soft, don’t get too comfy in your terry robe watching a program about your next destination on TV. You’ll be missing all the fun.

Things to do on Queen Mary 2

I have to be honest here with you. I had always been keen on going on a cruise for at least once in my life.
But I always wondered whether you’d get bored. Actually I have to admit that it’s the exact opposite. There is so much to do that is it really hard to decide.

queen mary 2 art galleryTo begin with I had to decide between the painting class and the choir, as arts and singing are both my kind of thing. I decided on the art class and met the most amazing people who stayed aboard for the whole world voyage.

So after breakfast we’d rush off to the speech, that was usually given by someone really interesting to listen to. Michael Crick, for example, political correspondent from the UK, gave several speeches.

We also loved the planetarium, which is the only one at sea in the world. It takes place in the “Illuminations”, which also functions as a 3D cinema or music venue.
There’d be dancing classes and wine tastings. You can go to the gym or join the karaoke in the British Golden Lion Pub.

queen mary 2 dinner

A classic night aboard

Just like in the mornings you could pick between dinner in the King’s Court, a buffet restaurant or the Britannia for à la carte. We usually ate at Britannia , which requires a nicer attire.

As we like getting dressy we actually enjoyed to dine in style. We picked the early seating, which meant dinner at 06:00pm and afterwards we usually went to see a show.
They always perform twice so you can as well dine at 08:30 and enjoy the later show. Every night we would receive a program for the next day to our room and go through it with a marker.

Besides all activities it also informed on the artists for the show. Sometimes it was a comedian, then a singer, a dance show, a musical or even a mind reader. Either way, on Queen Mary 2 they were all renowned artists.
Afterwards you could go to one of the bars, the pub, the ball room or the night club with live music.
If there are any parents among you reading this, you’ll be happy to hear about the childcare that they offer. So get ready for some quality time as a couple.

in style queen mary 2Classy

When I typed in “classic” I also meant “classy” by that.

This is something you should have in mind if you book a cruise like this. You should be ok with dress codes.

Isn’t it all a little old school? I’m sure that thought might have crossed your mind. And I asked myself the same question at first.
I am such a big fan of this kind of vacation now. As a result of the classy passengers my nightmares of bad cruising behaviour didn’t come true. No crowds fighting for the last sushi at the lunch buffet and no one pushing to reach the elevator first neither. Not on this ship.

Next you really get to spend quality time as  a couple.
Eventually there’s the historical part about it. Please notice that People such as Fred Astaire, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor have cruised on the Cunard ships before. Imagine them making champagne toasts at the dinner table or dancing in the ball room. Think of Clarke Gable and Greta Garbo having a conversation on the deck.

Routes of the Queen Mary 2

The classic route for the British cruise liner leads from Southampton to New York and the other way around.
queen mary 2 habourSometimes they will do specials like the recent cruise heading to the New York’s fashion week with designers like the German Guido Maria Kretschmer on board.

We did a part of the Queen Mary 2′ s world voyage and got on in Hong Kong. We stopped in Laem Chabang, Singapore, Penang and Colombo. And we finally got off in Dubai. In the summer you can join a northern European tour and around Christmas there is a Caribbean one.
Another one will lead you from New York to Canada.
The Cruises also differ in their amount of sea and land days.

As we both already see lots of places thanks to our jobs, we enjoyed the fact that we also had many sea days. This way we got most out of this wonderful ship.
queen mary 2 morning viewAnd we still had to make sure we’d just sit down once in a while just reading a book on the deck. The library is generously equipped and you can watch the waves through a porthole from your cozy chair.

Big benefits

Other than everything I’ve told you so far I wanna tell you what I personally thought were great advantages.
Above all you aren’t losing any of your time to travel from place to place.
Usually when you visit several places within one journey you always sacrifice many hours or even days. Or if you go by night you miss out on sleep and probably have to catch it later.

Here you’ll be sleeping like an angel in this amazing bed, while the ship cruises on.
Second I loved that you got to see several places but you only had to unpack and pack once. All your clothes wait for you in an actual closet while you go out to explore the world.

And even more you won’t suffer from jetleg as you are travelling slowly and it’s so much more relaxed for your body. It’s also a bit like time travelling and you really get to slow down from your busy life.

Keep calm and sail onsail on

These were the points that seemed to most important to me.
I could imagine writing more about it. So if you have a further questions or request, just let me know in the comments below as usual.
Or send me a message in a bottle, either way I’m excited for your feedback.

I really hope you get to cruise on this magnificent ship sometime in your life. And I’d love to hear from you whenever it will happen.
Until then keep calm and sail on – and hopefully soon into the sunset.



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  1. 2017-11-05 / 10:50 AM

    wow, das liest sich echt spannend! war selber noch nie auf einer Kreuzfahrt und hatte eher Bedenken gehabt, ob ich seekrank werden könnte 😉
    schaut aber sehr vielversprechend aus in deinem Bericht 🙂

    hab einen gemütlichen Sonntag,
    ❤ Tina von

    • JS
      2017-11-05 / 1:39 PM

      Danke für deine Rückmeldung, Tina!
      Ich glaube bei einem so großen Schiff gewöhnt man sich an das Geschaukel. Hatte auch mal einen kurzen Moment ein mulmiges Gefühl und später war es weg. Nach dem Dinner wird immer kandierter Ingwer serviert. Der hilft gegen die Übelkeit 🙂
      Wenn du es irgendwann mal machst, gib gerne Bescheid!
      Liebe Grüße,

  2. 2017-12-30 / 12:33 PM

    Ach herrlich meine Liebe!!! Ich habe nach diesem Blogpost richtig Lust auf eine Kreuzfahrt bekommen und werde gleich mal die Routen der Queen Mary durchstöbern! Du schreibst übrigens wirklich gut! Ich beneidedich da ein wenig 🙂 vor allem, dsss du die Atmosphäre und die Benefits so schön herausgearbeitet hast – und das auch noch auf Englisch! Thumbs up!

    • JS
      2018-01-03 / 2:26 PM

      Das freut mich total, liebe Mrs Dailylife,
      gucke es dir mal an. Wenn du die Atmosphäre ansprechnend fandest, würdest du das Schiff sicher lieben.
      Hab einen schönen Tag und danke für dein Feedback.

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