Smart items for your next night out

smart items for your next night out

Hey dear readers,
I hope you’re all ready for the weekend. Because today I want to show you some items, that will enhance your night out. I didn’t even know these nifty things existed until I started flying.


shoe clipShoe clips to get fancy in no time


When I first came to Japan I was fascinated by the fab style of all the pretty shoes. Those of you who recently watched my Instagram stories from Nagoya, know how tempted I get in the heels department.

And the best part about their shoes:
If you have any items on top like bows, rhinestones or flowers, it is usually a clip!

This gives us the possibility to transform in a jiff.
Heading straight from the office to an after work party? Finally trying out that new fancy restaurant after a formal occasion?
Well, let me tell you this:
Those days of having to drag a second pair of shoes along are finally over.

plug and toteClutches with built-in phone chargers


Where has this invention been all my life?
I’m so glad I found it recently on one of my trips to L.A.

Finally you can leave the house at 97% of battery, instead of waiting for it to be fully charged (or is this just me?).
You can take your mum’s phone call, still upload that video or respond to your messages in that crazy what’s app group. And yet you’ll be relaxed, because your phone won’t die on your way back home.

This comes in handy if you like to walk home, go by train or cab.
And I know phone chargers have been around for a while and I own one for festivals and travels. However, we all know about the limited space of our petite clutches. Now that’s one bulky item less.

purse hangerPurse hangers to get us carefree at the bar


Now you might be wondering if this wasn’t the job of that Gin & Tonic you just ordered.

To put it differently I mean these flat circle-shaped little items. At first none of my friends knew what they were.
It barely takes up any space in your abovementioned purse. Yet, it will protect it as soon as you unfold the little hanger. First of all your splendid pastel colored clutch won’t have to meet the dirty ground.

But what I like the most is that you always have an eye on your valuables. You won’t have to put the clutch on top of the table or keep it on your lap all night.

Due to the hanger your stuff is safe and clean. And you get to be carefree on your night out, with or without that Gin & Tonic.



PS: I’ve done a little research for you. It’s not for promotional purposes, just some things I liked myself.

Shopping for your next night out

Shoe clips

This fab store from Singapore offers numerous styles and a short video on how to apply the clips.

Love the monogrammed clips by Charlotte Mills from UK.

I could see some of red and blue the vintage styles on Octoberfest. Check out this small dawanda shop from Vienna.


Francesca’s has beautiful purses and some of them have built-in chargers.

I also discovered beautiful minimalist designs by HButler. In addition, the company founded by a couple, also carries purse hangers.

Purse hangers

I’m still talking HButler.

This high – end version is from New York and available in Gold 22k.


  1. Vilmi
    2017-09-15 / 9:50 PM

    Hey gorgeous ,
    I love this post!
    Actually, I have never thought about shoe clips! Brilliant idea!
    And the rest is also so useful! Thnx a lot
    Hugs Vilmi

  2. 2017-10-16 / 9:03 PM

    I’ve never heard about handbags that charge your cell phone 😀 how cool is that!?
    Thank you for sharing!
    I have a couple of those handbag hangers – they are quite handy indeed.
    And the shoe clips – nice one (Y) at the moment I like the ones with pom-poms <3

  3. JS
    2017-10-16 / 10:48 PM

    Same here!
    I hadn’t seen them till recently so I thought to myself “There must be more women out there who would love to know about this.” 🙂
    And I totally agree. In love with pom-poms.

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